Bowl'd Conversation With Darcey Wion

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Welcome to the next installment of our interview series, Bowl’d Conversations. Check our latest convo with fitness star, System of Strength Trainer, and cancer survivor, Darcey Wion!

For this installment of bowl’d conversations we sat down with Darcey. She is currently a finalist in the quest to become Women’s Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star! We met up at FUSIAN Clintonville and Darcey built her own bowl which featured our citrus dressed kale, Scottish salmon, cucumbers, carrots, beets, and shelled edamame, tossed in our house made miso-ponzu dressing and topped with green onions and chopped almonds. Sounds good, right?

We’re featuring Darcey’s bowl in our Clintonville location all week leading up to a very special event on Sunday, July 30th! Read Darcey’s interview below for all of the info on how you can swEAT like a fitness star.

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Q: What Does A Daily Menu Look Like For You?

I follow similar guidelines to SOS’s nutritional program “Check Yourself”. I usually go heavy on the proteins, fruits, and vegetables. I stick to three normal-sized meals a day, that usually keeps me from feeling like I need to snack in between. I try to incorporate about one serving of grains per day, either right before or right after workouts.

doing yoga outside of Fusian

Q: How Does Food Play A Part In Your Lifestyle?

It’s the missing piece in anybody’s fitness journey. It’s often the thing people forget about. If you want to see results, I recommend five parts of a fitness plan: cardio, strength, stretch, recovery, and nutrition. If you want to look good and feel good, you have to have the nutrition in line.

Q: What Is The Biggest Lesson You’ve Learned?

“Health is a privilege, and not a given.”

I’ve learned that health can be taken away from you at any age. It can happen to anybody. That’s why I want to work-out and eat clean because I want to feel good as much as I can. There’s no reason to go through life feeling bad because of what you’re eating or because you’re not being physically active. The rewards are so much greater than numbers on a scale.

Q: What Is Your All-Time Favorite Meal?

One of our favorite clean meals to make is a hash. We throw in whatever we have in the fridge; any veggies that we have left over! Our favorites include peppers, onions, asparagus, sweet potatoes, and then either a protein or eggs. I love breakfast, so we eat a lot of eggs. We’ve been getting them from a farm in Delaware!

If I was going to cheat, donuts are my all-time favorite food. I’ve never met one I don’t like, and I’ll continue to keep searching. Also, tommy’s pizza is amazing. Well done. With ranch.

Q: What Is The Most Memorable Meal You’ve Ever Eaten?

My husband and I went to Argentina, and we had the most unbelievable meal. It was at a place where they had the meat hanging in the window. We had meat with a bunch of sauces, tapenade, and bread. We also had a ton of empanadas on that trip! One day we were supposed to go fishing, but it got cancelled due to flooding. We sat in a beer garden in Chile and just ordered one emapanada after the other, we probably had 15 that day.

Q: Could You See A FUSIAN Inspired Bowl Fitting Into Your Lifestyle?

Definitely, I eat here all of the time!

eating a Fusian bowl

Sidenote: this is actually how we met Darcey. She was eating in FUSIAN after an SOSworkout, and she ran into our CEO, Zach Weprin. When he heard her story, he knew we had to partner up, and the rest is history!

Q: What Inspires You?

I love teaching group fitness classes; the energy in the studio is unlike anything else, especially at System of Strength. My husband and I travel a lot, and I always try as many new classes as I can sneak in. I’ve never found anything like the sense of community that Keri and Gretchen (SOS founders) have created.

I’m also inspired by my clients. I get motivated when they tell me about how much more weight they’re able to lift, or how they completed an entire class without modifying. We get “SOS love notes” all of the time from clients who tell us about how we’ve helped them get through hard times. I could never see myself not doing this.

Q: What Is Your Food Ethos?

Food is the most powerful form of medicine.

Q: How Can FUSIAN Fans SwEAT Like A Fitness Star?

FUSIAN and System of Strength are teaming up to swEAT like a fitness star! We’re hosting a free SOS workout on Sunday, July 30th at 10AM at FUSIAN Clintonville. All are welcome to attend, just RSVP to make sure we save you a spot! (attendance is limited to 50 participants)

Darcey has even more ways for you to get involved with her training programs. She does a 2 week program called Summer Sucker Punch. (Sign up to get suggested meal plans, an email each day, fitness tips, and 12 SOS work out videos to keep forever). Here’s even more great news: Darcey’s FUSIAN bowl fits right into that meal plan!

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