Saucin' W/ Sara


Meet Sara: Team Development Specialist at FUSIAN Clifton, Belieber, and Mexican food fanatic. We met up with Sara to chat about what brought her to FUSIAN, her love for pandas, and her passion for discovering new hiking spots! Check it out:

Q: How long have you been with #teamFUSIAN?
A: I started in May of 2015, so it’s been just over 2 years!

A: When I found FUSIAN, I was just looking for a new place to eat sushi, and then I saw a picture of the team on the canoe trip. I got so excited because I’ve never had a job where everyone is a friend. I knew I had to join the team. FUSIAN definitely lived up to my expectations, we are all really close. It’s just one big sushi fam.

Fusian team members laughing

Q: What are 3 things you can’t live without?
A: My iPhone, coffee, and my bed
Q: What is your personal philosophy?
A: “We may encounter defeats but we must not be defeated”
Q: Favorite spot in town?
A: Los Potrillos! That’s my favorite Mexican restaurant here in Cincy!

Q: What moment are you most proud of?
A:  I have gotten some scholarships lately to help me pay for my school. It’s encouraging knowing that I am doing well and doing it on my own. I’m proud of myself.

Q: What was the last amazing meal you had?
A: Recently, my sister and I spent 3 hours in the kitchen making buffalo chicken chunks. We made them just like Frickers, and they were so good.

Q: Can you share a Bucket List Item with us?
A: I actually have a really big bucket list, but my number one item would have to be to hold a panda. 
Q: What’s your favorite smell?
A: The smell of boy, but not like a real boy, like a Bath and Body Works candle.

Q: Fav seasonal selection?
A: Broccoli

Q: If you could break bread with anyone who would it be?
A: I’d say Justin Bieber for sure, I’m a Belieber!
Q: If you’re not at work what are you doing?
A: I am always studying or hanging out with friends. Every Sunday we try to find a new place to hike, it’s always fun to discover new places! I also love to dance, so I’ve been taking some classes at planet dance.

Haley Weber