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we opened our first location on May 25th, 2010 in downtown Cincinnati as “SohoSushi.”

after a quick name-change, new business cards, + some fresh branding, FUSIAN was born.

FUSIAN was founded by lifelong partners Josh Weprin, his brother Zach, + Stephan Harman

as a place where people could gather, connect, + converse over food. It was during their college careers

that they saw a need for a simple, fresh, and affordable sushi dining option. their vision was to

challenge the American perception of sushi and create a place for everyone to enjoy the

benefits of Asian-American cuisine.




we connect people through collaboration, culture + cuisine.


Store design


FUSIAN is a destination for an engaged and inspired dining experience.

We Unite and Empower the People in our Community to Expect More.

we make sushi accessible
sushi doesn’t have to be raw fish and seaweed. at FUSIAN, we aim to educate our customers that sushi starts with rice. from there, anything is possible.

we keep things natural
we believe you should know what you’re eating. you should see it, and feel good about it. that’s why we use simple, natural, and (when at all possible) local ingredients.

we make you feel welcome
service is our passion. our team is here to make your day better — from the feel of the restaurant, to your conversation while ordering, to the taste of the food. we’re not satisfied until we see a smile on your face.