Linking With Lucas


Meet Lucas: Operating Partner at FUSIAN Clintonville, board-gamer, and mango enthusiast. We met up with Lucas to chat about what has kept him at FUSIAN, his love for reading books, and his idea of the perfect day! Check it out:

Q: How Long Have You Been With Team FUSIAN?

A: This August marks 4 years! I was living on the west coast and then moved to Dayton in 2013 and started at FUSIAN Brown St.


A: The things that I value most about FUSIAN are the people I get to interact with and the space that’s held for creativity. Humans are a narrative species. We understand ourselves through story – those we tell and those we hear. I believe that it is in small moments of connection that we find the most possibility for creation and change. Getting to work everyday with people, to make meaningful connections, and tell our stories in a space that values community enables us to create new, more complex, narratives. Every day is a new opportunity to create and add to the narrative. It’s all about learning and growth.

Q: What Do You Like Most About What You Do?

A: We have freedom to achieve the same ends. I like that everyone is working towards the same goal, but there is freedom in how we accomplish that.

Q: Favorite Spot In Town?

A: I do like staying at home and being inside. I recently learned about a place called Kingmakers, you pay $5 to get in and then you can stay as long as you want and play any of their board games! My favorite is “Settlers of Catan”, I keep it in my car so I am ready to play anytime. Also, Old North Café.

Q: First Time Customer Tips?

A: Don’t be afraid to try anything. It’s going to work out. Uncertainty can cause people to be hesitant, but don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Q: Bucket List Item

A: I’ve always wanted to take a train across the U.S. I’ve done a 17 hour trip up the west coast, but I would love to do an even longer one!

Q: What’s The Last Book You Read?

A: I just read “Hunger” by Roxanne Gay, it’s a memoir about her relationship with her body and society. It’s different from her other writing, but it’s great. I also just read a historical fiction series that based in Whales in the 12th Century, and I’m like 90% of the way through the second book. I’ve been reading the book “Model Land” by Tyra Banks with a few friends. Imagine Harry Potter combined with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, except it’s about models. I’m reading it aloud with friends, so we are taking it slow. It’s a trilogy but we are only halfway through the first book!

Q: What Moment Are You The Most Proud Of?

A: After we opened Centerville, we were having one of our first manager meetings. Hearing everyone’s goals, feedback, and notes from the opening made me so happy. I cried, and then the team immediately promised to never make me cry again.

Q: What Are 3 Thing You Can’t Live Without?

A: Something new to read, a notebook and pen (only black ink), and people to laugh with.

Q: What’s Your Favorite Roll?

A: I’m usually pretty simple, I usually get avocado with one other veggie. I like a lot of wasabi and a little bit of soy sauce!

Q: Describe Your Perfect Day?

A: I get to sleep in ‘til about 9 or 10, not too late because I don’t want to waste the day. I would put on a podcast and make vegan biscuits and gravy. Maybe I’d have grapefruit mimosas too. I’d probably read a bit, get outside, and go see some friends. I’d love to play games and go somewhere new!

Q: What’s Your Personal Philosophy?

A: Okay. Okay. What’s next?

Q: Most Overused Words/Phrases?

A: “great”

Haley Weber