Q: how do i create my fusian rewards account?

A: through the app, you have the ability to order, pay, and earn rewards all in a single platform, however you will need to create and use a FUSIAN Rewards account (also known as a LevelUp account).

to create an account in the app select “your rewards” from the home screen or click the icon in the top left corner and then click “login”. follow the instructions to create/access your account and attach a payment method. when you have successfully created an account, you will be redirected back to the homepage (you’ll know you are logged in when it says “welcome, your name” on the home screen

to create an account online, head to order.fusian.com and click “login” in the upper right hand corner.

Q: how do i redeem rewards?

A: to redeem pending credit in the app or online ensure you are logged in to your FUSIANRewards account, select “apply rewards” in the basket, and pay using the “Card linked to FUSIAN Rewards” option on the payment screen (you must be logged into your account to see this payment option).

in the restaurant, scan the QR code in your app which can be found by clicking “pay in store” from the home screen.

any pending rewards will automatically be deducted from the cost of the transaction and any remaining balance will be charged to the credit or debit card attached to your LevelUp account. if the transaction is less than the total rewards available, the remaining rewards will stay on your account for future use.

Q: do i need a smartphone to participate in fusian rewards?

A: at this time you do need either an iPhone or Android phone to use the FUSIAN app and participate in the rewards program.

Q: what if my email address has already been registered?

A: this typically means you have already created a LevelUp account to participate in another company’s rewards program that also used LevelUp. you can use the same log in information you use for that app. if you have any questions about your existing LevelUp account, email fusian@thelevelup.com.

Q: do i have to link a credit or debit card to use the app?

A: yes and no. you can find a restaurant, view our hours of operation, view our menu, and place an order for pickup on the app without linking a card but will not be able to pay with your phone or earn rewards unless you link a credit or debit card.

Q: what kind of payment card can i link to the app?

A: any card with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo can be linked to the app. this includes credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards (prepaid credit, prepaid debit). currently you can pay for orders placed on the app with a gift card but those orders are not eligible to earn credit through FUSIAN Rewards. You also cannot preload your LevelUp account with credit from a gift card.

Q: is there a spending limit on my levelup account?

A: the daily transaction limit on your LevelUp account is set to $600. if you attempt to spend more than $600 within a 24 hour billing period your payment will be rejected.

Q: is it safe for me to give you my credit card information and store it in my phone?

A: you’re actually not giving us your credit card information. the FUSIAN app doesn’t store credit card info on your phone or in the app. your card information is stored securely by LevelUp on a separate server. the QR code you use to pay for your purchases simply connects the purchase price with your account through the LevelUp scanner. at no point during the transaction is your credit card information transmitted, stored, or displayed on your phone, our register, or within the LevelUp scanner itself. your information is safely stored in an encrypted LevelUp database that uses the same privacy and security measures as your bank. to learn more about the safety and security of the FUSIAN app check out www.fusian.com/appsecurity.

Q: what happens if i lose my phone?

A: if you lose a mobile device with the FUSIAN app installed on it, visit www.thelevelup.com and log in using your FUSIAN app email address and password. once logged in, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “reset QR code”. Click on the “deactivate” tab under your control panel, and click again next to the unique QR code you need to deactivate. if you have any questions, please contact fusian@thelevelup.com or 1.855.538.3542.

Q: do loyalty rewards ever expire?

A: nope. never.

Q: i still have more questions about fusian rewards and mobile payment through level up! how do i contact levelup customerservice?

A: support@thelevelup.com or 1.855.538.3542. LevelUp will reimburse you for the amount of any fraudulent or unauthorized transactions charged to your account which you report within 2 business days (defined as Monday through Friday). fraudulent transactions are also protected according to the terms and conditions of your credit/debit card. these protections are in addition to the protections described above.


Q: how do i place an online or mobile order?

A: mobile ordering is an integrated feature of the FUSIAN app for iPhone and Android. just download the app, navigate to “place an order”, make your selections and check out. It’s that easy! online orders can be placed at order.fusian.com.

Q: where do i go to pick up my online or mobile order?

A: skip the line® and head straight to the register at the store you ordered from. let the cashier know you are there to pick up an online/mobile order and tell them the name the order was submitted under.

Q: can i pay for my online or mobile order in store?

A: at this time payment must be submitted online or on your phone at the time the order is placed. accepted payment types are LevelUp, FUSIAN gift cards or any credit, debit or prepaid card with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo. We do not currently allow for order payment to be split between multiple cards or accounts. mobile and online orders cannot be paid for with cash at this time.

Q: do i need a fusian rewards (levelup) account to use the online or mobile order feature?

A: you do not need a FUSIAN rewards (LevelUp) account to order online or on your phone but you will not be eligible to earn FUSIAN rewards without an account.

Q: will i earn fusian rewards when i place an online or mobile order?

A: at this time only orders paid for with LevelUp will be eligible to earn FUSIAN rewards. orders paid for via any other form of payment will not earn you rewards.

Q: can i place a catering order online or through the fusian app?

A: we do not currently have the capability to accept catering orders online or through the Fusian App. please email catering@fusian.com to place a catering order and check out our menu here.

Q: when will my order be ready?

A: when you place your order, you will be given an estimate pick up time based on the number of items ordered, the time it takes to make these items and the number of orders placed before you.

Q: i’m running late; can i delay my order?

A: orders placed for pickup “ASAP” cannot be altered. for orders placed for pickup “later” there is still time to change your order. if you would like to change your order, please log into your account at order.fusian.com and modify your order. if you do not see the option to modify, please call the store with which you placed your order.

Q: i changed my mind; can i change my order?

A: for orders placed for pickup “ASAP” non-price altering modifications may be possible by calling the restaurant (ex: you can add carrots but you can’t change protein selections). for orders placed for pickup “later” there is still time to change your order. if you would like to change your order, please log into your account at order.fusian.com and modify your order. if you do not see the option to modify, please call the store with which you placed your order.

Q: you didn’t answer my question…

A: lets change that! feel free to  connect with us and we would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.