Jammin' W/ Jazzie


Meet Jazzie: FUSIAN operating partner, strawberry lover, and video game queen. We met up with Jazzie to chat about her career at FUSIAN, her love for margaritas and J Cole, and her personal philosophy on the importance of trying! Check it out:

Q: How Long Have You Been With TeamFUSIAN?

A: 6 years in October, and I’ve been an Operating Partner for over a year!

Q: Why Fusian?

A: I think FUSIAN is so special because of the people. FUSIAN is a melting pot of personalities, and people from all walks of life. The people that work here make me forget the idea of this just being a job. Most of the people I’ve had the opportunity to work beside, and even the guests I serve at FUSIAN, have enriched my life and given me some of the best times I could ever ask for. #FUSIANisfamily

Q: What Do You Like Most About What You Do?

A: I like interacting with my team!

Q: Favorite Spot In Town?

A: I’ve been going to Ned Peppers lately, it’s always a good time. I don’t go out too much!

Q: First Time Customer Tips?

A: Don’t be afraid to jump in head first. Just go for it!

Q: What’s Your Favorite Video Game?

A: Gears of War, that’s what started my video game addiction.

Q: What Moment Are You The Most Proud Of?

A: When I worked at FUSIAN on Brown St. our team would occasionally go out after our shifts. One night we went to Toxic Brewing Co, and we talked about our goals and our futures at FUSIAN. Lucas (our Clintonville OP) and I said we wanted to be Operating Partners one day, and a few years later we made it happen!

Q: List Three Things You Can’t Live Without?

A: I can’t live without Video games, my cats (Kiwi and Milo), and creativity.

Q: What’s Your Favorite Roll?

A: Probably chicken and shrimp (half and half) with cream cheese, green onion, jalapeño, and our seasonal veggies. On top I usually do wasabi mayo and then either carrot ginger dressing or spicy edamame sauce!

Q: Describe Your Perfect Day?

A: I would be somewhere on a beach. Ideally, there would be automatic margarita refills whenever I want, and I’m there all day just lounging.

Q: What’s Your Personal Philosophy?

A: As long as you try, everything else will fall into place.

Q: Most Overused Words Or Phrases?

A: “Nice”

Haley Weber