arrangement of different sushi rolls

On March 5th we rolled out (pun intended) a new menu, that will improve the way you experience FUSIAN. It’s the culmination of over two years of customer feedback, focus groups, and trial that has led us here.

Our intention is to create a menu that increases value + variety for our existing loyal customers, while presenting a simple process for easy decision making for first-time customers.

Let’s break it down –

VALUE- It has always been our goal to provide you with an unmatched sushi-dining experience, a place where you can order straight from our signature menu or customize your own meal to meet your specifications. Either way, we’ve adjusted pricing on our menu to reflect much more price diversity across the board. Whether you’re just looking for a “snack” or a custom dinner for two, that’s within. budget, we’ve got you covered.

VARIETY– It’s been said that “variety is the spice of life,” and we couldn’t agree more. In this spirit, we’ve added more signature rolls to our core menu, completely reimaged our bowls, + introduced meal-sized salads as a full-time member of our menu.

CUSTOMIZATION – We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create customization within our app + online ordering platforms. Gluten Free? We’ve got options for that. Vegan? We’ve got that too. As dietary preferences evolve, we will too! Long story short, we’re only happy when you get what you want.

ROTATION – if “variety is the spice of life,” then rotation sweetens the pot. Our new menu will feature an “always-on” limited time offerings. Here, you’ll find seasonal features + exclusive collaborations from our Collab Series that will come and go as the seasons change. Sugar and spice makes everything nice, right?

CONVENIENCE – We believe that future of FUSIAN lies not only within every community we serve but also, quite literally, in the palm of your hand. This new menu allows us to create “FUSIAN as a platform” and develop a frictionless experience no matter how you interact with us. Whether you find yourself dining in-store, ordering ahead, or getting our food delivered (pro tip: you can do it all straight from our app), we want you to have consistent, convenient accessibility to our food across the board.

Beginning March 5th , we’ll be featuring 10 signature sushi rolls in all stores, some new options include The Philadelphia Roll, our take on a bagel + lox inspired number, complete with smoked salmon, cream cheese, + everything bagel spice… and our Roasted Salmon Crunch Roll, a roasted salmon (yeah that’s new, too!) with a mix of veggies + topped with our housemade chili-ponzu dressing (also new).
Two new rice bowls! The Chicken + Rice — a hearty warm rice bowl packed with roasted chicken, veggies, and tossed with our house dressing (sesame-soy) + spicy mayo. Additionally, we’ve also added a Tuna Poké Bowl to the menu, a traditional Hawaiian dish featuring our wild-caught Ahi tuna and freshly prepped veggies.

You want salads? We’ve got salads.

We’ve added Arcadian mixed greens to the line-up and added two new salads to the menu. Our Tofu Thai Crunch salad, is a healthy option featuring our roasted tofu, tossed with greens + veggies with a new house-made Thai Peanut Dressing. Another newcomer, a the Salmon Superfood Salad featuring roasted salmon tossed with kale + veggies with our new Chili-Ponzu dressing.

Of course, as FUSIAN evolves, so does our menu. With this latest update we’ve said goodbye (for now) to some menu items including almonds, citrus-yuzu + miso-ponzu dressings, pineapple + roasted portobello mushrooms.

FUSIAN’s mission is to connect people through collaboration, culture, + cuisine and we believe this latest change will create more connection through our collaborative efforts with you, our customers. We listen, pivot and adapt based on you, so keep the feedback coming!

Kaizen; is a Japanese philosophy that encourages constant improvement + that small changes, little-by-little will lead to a greater outcome. This is the spirit that drives us into making FUSIAN better today than it was yesterday and focusing on driving FUSIAN forward.

Zach, Josh + Stephan
FUSIAN Co-Founders

Haley Weber