A Taste Of TEAM FUSIAN - Celebrating 5 Years W/ JALANA!

Fusian worker

Meet Jalana Goldson: she is a student studying Dietetics (Human Nutrition) at the Ohio State University. Originally from Dayton, she first joined the FUSIAN team 5 years ago at the Brown Street location. While working at Brown Street, she obtained an Associate Degree in Dietetics and her certificate in dietary managing at Sinclair Community college. She then moved to Columbus to pursue a Bachelor degree and join the Clintonville FUSIAN team as a Shift Leader. Outside of work and school, she takes care of her Australian Shephard / Border collie mix breed dog named Harrison.

Q: How Did You Find Team FUSIAN?

A: A friend who was working at the Brown Street location at the time mentioned they were hiring, I had my interview and was hired the same day.

Q: What Is Your Favorite FUSIAN Memory?

A: Cucumber water.

Q: What Have You Learned In Your 5 Years With FUSIAN?

A: In my five years, I’ve actually learned a lot about myself and what kind of work environment I thrive in. FUSIAN has never been a static place to work, it’s constantly improving and growing. I need constant challenges and new ways of thinking. I’ve worked places where you work the same position and were expected to never stray from that, it’s boring, repetitive, and eventually leaves you feeling “stuck”.

Q: What Are Your Top Bucket List Items?

A: Master’s in Dietetics, go on a 7-day cruise to Hawaii, and see a Broadway musical.

Q: Any Favorite Shows Or Movies?

A: Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones trilogy (bc Kingdom of the Crystal Skull doesn’t exist), the Witcher, GOT, The Golden Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Toxic Avenger.

Q: What Is Your Idea Of A Perfect Day?

A: Getting up early, making it to the gym, doing meal prep for the week, and taking Harrison on a long walk and a trip to the dog park.

Q: What Has Kept You At FUSIAN?

A: Flexible hours with school, dietary manager experience, & Lucas as my boss <3

Q: What Is Your Go-To FUSIAN Meal?

A: White rice & seaweed – tuna, avocado, beets, jalapeno, cucumber – light wasabi mayo, sesame soy, sesame seeds, & more wasabi

Q: Who Would Play You In A Movie?

A: Halle Berry, in re-make of Catwoman, only I would be Catwoman, and she would be herself.

Q: Well Me About Your Team In Clintonville?

A: We’re just a couple of biscuits trying to make it in this life.

Haley Weber